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Corporate vision:

Committed to becoming an excellent modern port logistics and supply chain integration service provider.

Our Mission:

Create a mastery strategy and draw a blueprint for latitude and longitude.

Core value:

Profession: Concentrate and strive for perfection
Honesty: honesty and trustworthiness
Innovation: open innovation, self-improvement
Win-win: Cooperation and win-win, benefit the country and the people


Enterprise spirit:

【Roughness of Water】The sea is inclusive of all rivers, and tolerance is great. (Lin Zexu)
【If the water changes】Soldiers are impermanent, water is impermanent, and those who can win due to changes in the enemy are called gods. ("Grandson·Virtual Reality")
【If the power of the water】The disease of the water, as for the boulder, the power is also. (" The Art of War ")

Business philosophy:

Good way

Business philosophy:

【Future Zhiyuan】Those who have lofty aspirations will become rich.
【Attention】Concentrate on those who are dedicated to their goals, do their jobs.
【Communication】Those who are good at communicators are well deserved.
【Efficiency】Pursuing high efficiency, establish a name.


Service philosophy:

Customer first, best service
Sinoports adheres to the "customer-centered" concept, thinks about problems from the customer's standpoint, takes honest service as the purpose, responds quickly to customer needs, pursues perfection in details, and continues to create value for customers.

Corporate slogan:

Commerce, Huigong, win the future together
The corporate slogan is a concentrated expression of Sinoport’s corporate values and corporate culture, and indicates the direction of the company’s future development.
"Trade and Work" comes from "Zuo Zhuan" "Training agriculture with talents, trade and work". Things flow smoothly, reach the world, mutual benefit and move towards the future.


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