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Port advantage

Port advantage

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★ Navigation capacity 

At present, it can dock four 30,000-ton ships or two 30,000-ton ships and two 50,000-ton ships at the same time, with an annual throughput capacity of more than 12 million tons



★ Location Advantage

"Facing the sea with deep troughs and backing on the land with tidal flats" is the most obvious feature and advantage of Caofeidian, which provides unique conditions for the development and construction of large-scale deep-water ports and port industries. Caofeidian has huge potential for comprehensive development. Caofeidian’s water depth is steep and the shore is not silted or frozen. The water depth of 500 meters in front of the island is 25 meters, and the deep groove is 36 meters, which is the deepest point in the Bohai Sea. The only natural harbor site on the Bohai Sea coast that can build 300,000-ton-class large-scale berths without excavating waterways and harbor basins. Extending from Caofeidian to the Bohai Strait, there is a natural waterway with a depth of 27 meters leading directly to the Yellow Sea. The natural combination of waterways and deep troughs has formed an unparalleled advantage in the construction of large deep-water ports, making Caofeidian a "diamond-level" port site.



★ Good tranffic

The transportation is accessible to the whole world, adjacent to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration. It is an important connection point for the two strategies of “One Belt, One Road” and “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development”, with convenient and developed transportation.

Tang-Cao Expressway is interconnected with Beijing-Shenzhen, Tangjin, Tanggang, Coastal, and Tangcheng Expressways. The establishment of the customs supervision area of the terminal can realize domestic and international navigation, and constitute a convenient and low-cost integrated transportation system.



★ Bulk industry supply chain advantages

On the premise of serving customers, with circulation as the link, relying on the shareholders' advantages in the steel industry chain and China Material Hangzhou Green Construction Co., Ltd. in the modern prefabricated construction industry chain, it carries out international procurement of raw material iron ore, international transportation, customs clearance, and Bonded services, port operations, warehousing and processing, sales, logistics, supply chain finance and other services; carry out export trade of finished products, road transportation, customs declaration and inspection, bonded services, deep processing (cutting, opening and equalizing customized services), warehousing, ports Operations, international shipping, import and export licenses and other services.



★ Strong integration advantages of the port area

Powerful processing advantages

Relying on the high-quality steel base, Caofeidian District develops a number of large and heavy equipment manufacturing industries such as large ships, port machinery, power generation equipment, petroleum drilling machinery, metallurgical equipment, construction machinery, and mining machinery, and promotes the transfer of heavy equipment manufacturing from northern my country to Caofeidian. , Gradually forming a heavy equipment manufacturing base in the northern coastal areas.

Powerful integrated operation advantage

Jingtang Port and Caofeidian Port are strategically reorganized into Tangshan Port Group. Tangshan Port's cargo throughput reached a record high in 2019, completing 650 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.08%, ranking third in the country, and advancing to the world's largest port. Tangshan Port has constructed a major “One Belt, One Road” channel with east-west connection and land-sea linkage, and established its status as a hub port for domestic trade in the Bohai Rim and a basic port for offshore routes. Built 16 inland ports in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Beijing and other places, operated 18 sea-rail intermodal trains, and operated the “Japan-South Korea-China-Mongolia” transit train on a regular basis, and successfully launched the “Tangshan Port to Antwerp, Belgium” China-Europe class Column. Facing the ocean, 40 domestic and foreign trade routes were opened, realizing high-density full coverage of major domestic coastal ports and 9 basic ports in Japan and South Korea.



★ Unique advantages of private enterprises

The group company has freight forwarders, ports, supply chains, supply chain financial platforms, modern prefabricated factories, commerce and trade, cooperation and other companies, and its own sound logistics system.

1. Respond quickly, with dedicated personnel to provide customers with extremely fast decision-making responses;

2. The process is simple, the company implements flat management, and the handling of matters is easier than that of state-owned enterprises/central enterprises. At the same time, it enjoys the service of "one matter, one discussion, special matter and special handling"; 

3. High efficiency and high work efficiency. The company reasonably selects the loading and unloading equipment and machinery suitable for the port, designs the lifting tools, optimizes the process, plans the reasonable configuration and stacking of the goods on the transportation tool warehouse, and regulates the driver and The operation method of the workers ultimately reduces the cost of loading and unloading operations, ensuring the safety and quality of the loading and unloading process, improving operation efficiency, reducing labor intensity, etc.; the process efficiency is high, and the company adopts reasonable planning of the production organization and the use of intelligent production operation equipment. Implementing the "Three Ones" operation process, one transportation, one dumping, and one loading, the internal supply chain process is simple and reasonable cost control; information efficiency is high, the construction of an integrated and open smart port information system has a full range of business functions in the port, Overall support for port partners (banks, insurance, freight forwarders, shippers, customs brokers, storage and transportation, shipping agents, carriers, information platforms, transportation bureaus, maritime safety bureaus, ports, foreign trade administrations, foreign trade and economic Customs, electronic ports, etc.) can realize electronic and automated information exchange.

4. Excellent service 

Online and offline 24 hours uninterrupted orders, uninterrupted operations. 

5. Broad minded 

The company welcomes cooperation with powerful enterprises, resource enterprises, and high-tech logistics enterprises to strengthen and expand the port logistics business.



★ Industry advantage

1. The group company maintains close contact with industry associations such as China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Beijing Logistics Association, Hebei Reform Strategy Research Association, and can transform the membership resources, information, new logistics technology, and industry policies of tens of thousands of industry associations into Customer resources, solve the pain points of customers in the logistics industry, and at the same time raise the real and precise demands of customers in the logistics industry to the national level.

2. Strategic cooperation with top domestic platforms, such as the cooperation platform "ship network, search steel network, steel silver, etc.", has formed a strong resource connection capability. Leverage the advantages of the Caofeidian area of China (Hebei) Free Trade Zone and Tangshan Port to assist Chinese logistics companies and Chinese manufacturing companies to form an integrated lean supply chain management of bulk material procurement, transportation, processing, and foreign transportation in Caofeidian. Reduce processing costs, logistics costs and improve industry competitiveness, while enjoying the relevant policies of the free trade zone. (Transportation of domestic/international purchases-Tangshan port landing-Caofeidian equipment manufacturing park processing-Caofeidian port outbound (domestic/international).

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